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Can you make your education “future proof”?

Future-Proof Your Education on Prezi

A friend of mine sent me this link. I really like the platform, it is much more engaging and interesting than a powerpoint. I didn’t enjoy all of the embedded videos, especially the one about the creative commons and the college promotion video. But I thought the three TED talks about visualizing data were wonderful. What a great example of the blend between art, science, and technology. My first thought was, I want to learn how to do that! Then I thought I bet students would want to create their own pictures with data about their own lives. Maybe teaching students how to ‘compress knowledge’ would be a valuable skill in the age of information. It would give them an opportunity to tell their own story. Does this “future proof” your education? Not necessarily. I think a more important question is, does your education serve you now? Are we meeting that benchmark? I am afraid not.

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