About Me

I am a former middle school science teacher from Indiana, currently pursuing a Master’s in Science Education from UT Austin. I struggle to reconcile my past ideals about the promises of a “traditional” education versus something more progressive and creative. I am also learning more about what role technology can play in today’s classroom environment. Ultimately, I believe all students deserve care, respect, and attention. How exactly this plays out in teaching and learning.. I don’t know. If I had the answers, I probably wouldn’t be in school.

I started this blog for a class project and now I continue to use it for classes that require a blog. It serves as a living record of my learning and unlearning.

  1. May 13, 2011 at 10:39 am

    See this Canadian study on physics instruction, traditional lectures vs. “high tech” interactive mediums.
    “Who’s better at teaching difficult physics to a class of more than 250 college students: the highly rated veteran professor using time-tested lecturing, or the inexperienced graduate students interacting with kids via devices that look like TV remotes? The answer could rattle ivy on college walls.”


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