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Life Equations

April 22, 2011 1 comment

Life Equations.

Dan Meyer has a knack for coming up with innovative ways to engage students in math. Especially, his creative use of video footage in lesson plans. What I would like to see is students using the cameras to create, share, and solve problems with one another. That would be even more exciting!

Read this article about Dan Meyer and watch the embedded video!

See more of Dan Meyer’s ideas in this TED Talks. I couldn’t agree more with his statement that as educators, many of us our selling a product to a market that is not interested, but forced by law to buy it. I wrote about this very same thing in a writing assignment for another class. I believe we must strategically market educational reform if we expect students, teachers, administrators, parents, and government officials to buy into it. We are not just selling the idea of education to unmotivated students, it has become part of our cultural currency.